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trauma Treatment

At Be Well, we offer multiple treatment modalities to target symptoms of traumatic stress for all ages. Traumatic stress can have lasting negative effects on our wellbeing. Using treatment modalities specifically developed for treating trauma, we work on reducing symptoms of traumatic stress, improve coping, and increase resiliency. Therapy sessions are offered in person in Stillwater, MN or through telehealth
(virtual video sessions). 

SE play therapy is an evidenced-based trauma processing model for children incorporating one of children's most important resources, PLAY. Children project their feelings and experiences onto the play materials, creating psychological distance from which to explore traumatic content. This allows the child to externalize their story, where it can then be better understood and reworked therapeutically, creating a sense of mastery and empowerment. SE Play Therapy taps deep into the child's midbrain, accessing the self-healing parts, creating connection between their body, emotions and cognitions. Click HERE to learn more about play therapy. 

somatic experiential play therapy


Brainspotting is a powerful, yet gentle trauma treatment based in neuroscience, resourcing, resiliency and mindfulness. It works by identifying, processing and releasing neurophysiological pain stored deep in our midbrain, a place traditional talk therapy can’t access. When left unresolved, these core conflicts can cause a variety of symptoms, including emotional pain, anxiety, depression, attention issues (ADHD), anger issues, phobias, substance abuse, chronic fatigue and pain, disordered eating and performance challenges and creativity ‘blocks’. BSP uses “brain spots”, eye positions that correlate to these negative energy spots deep in our brain that hold painful traumas and stressors and taps into the body’s innate wisdom and ability self-heal, releasing and reprocessing them. BSP can be used to find and strengthen resources, as well as enhance positive feelings and body sensations. The result being a gentle, yet powerful approach that is client-led, contained within the window of tolerance, and resulting in harmony between mind and body. It can be used across the lifespan, from young children to seniors.

trauma-informed reiki, somatic & energy healing

Our bodies, minds and emotional responses can become imbalanced or stuck due to various factors such as stress, trauma, or illness. When traumatic or stressful experiences happen, our nervous systems take in a snapshot of the moment in time when the event occurred. In a way, it becomes a frozen-in-time moment that our muscle tissues and cells hold onto - actually integrating itself into our bodies. It's the way our bodies 'keep the score'. These "issues-in-the-tissues" have negative impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and often cause chronic pain and tension & nervous system dysregulation, amongst other mental heal concerns and challenges. Somatic & energetic release at a body-based level works to restore balance and harmony to the body's systems, allowing for our bodies' natural healing processes to come back online. Click HERE for more info on Reiki, and HERE for Somatic Release. 

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