1903 Greeley St. S #202
Stillwater, MN 55082

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be well is a collective focused on targeting the holistic self: well mind, body, emotions and soul.

We love the feel of Stillwater - It’s a bit like us! Quirky, eclectic, unfussy and relaxed, comfortable and unassuming, grounded in who it is. It’s the perfect combination of modern and tried-and-true, similar to our approach with clients.

We offer quality, modern mental health care that’s trustworthy, open, comfortable, and centered on what YOU need. Valuing intimate, personalized care for you and your family, we are here to support you through any phase of your healing journey.

Our goal is that through our values of authenticity, compassion, integrity, introspection, and dedication, we will create more well, just, and connected individuals and community. One that experiences the ripple effects of health, joy and resiliency together. 

We're honored to work within the Stillwater, MN community, as well as virtual services allowing us to expand our reach to clients in all areas of MN and WI.  

Be Well is the place to continue your growth path, or start one anew. Come on in and notice the difference, we have a cup of tea or coffee waiting for you. 

Modern mental health &
holistic Healing

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