We value creating a safe, attuned and inclusive environment where all people can come to learn, be seen, understood, grow and Be Well. 

our values

We work to embody a circle of openness and honesty on both personal and professional levels. Trust is the key piece in the success of a therapeutic relationship. We show up as we are, fully human, with you – in the full range of emotions and experiences that presents. The experience of being fully human allows us to practice what we preach – self compassion, empathy, humility, and acceptance. We pride ourselves on being real, quality, and qualified people. 

authenticity & humanness


Play is the pathway to healing. Humor, playfulness, and the expressive healing arts allows us rich sensory experiences that create strong neural networks of health and wellbeing. We believe that through creativity, we can create and foster new brain connections that bring about more meaningful, deeper, and sustainable change. 


You’re the expert of your story. We use deep, heart-centered listening and collaboration to help find the unknown resources, untapped potentials, or alternate narratives that can bring in more resiliency, healing, and growth into your life. 

humility, learning & un-learning

We value self-exploration, (its why were in this biz) personal growth and development. Sometimes that means taking a real, long, hard look at the messages, values, teachings, and experiences we’ve had and how they’ve been internalized. We believe that our hardships and experiences are the best teachers, and that we can only take people as far as we’ve gone or are willing to go ourselves. As such, we’re on a life-long journey of learning and unlearning with you. 

We focus on and celebrate your resources and innate wisdom; the potentials, rather than pathology. Our goal is that through tools, reflection, and access to a safe, affirming space you’ll be able to begin to see your own resiliencies and resources, and to feel empowered to discern decisions and take aligned actions that are centered on your goals, values, needs and boundaries. 


Wellness is about caring for the whole person – the mind, body, soul/spirit, and relationships. We work to support our clients to find balance and integrity in these connections. We value helping you create a relationship with all parts of you. We encourage our clients to consider and have autonomy over the ways that their body, mind, spirit, relationships, and community come together, and as a result manifest and shape their health and wellbeing. 

holistic approach

Frequently asked questions


It takes courage to face the hard stuff.  You may have recognized that something isn’t working and you find yourself here. You don't have to do it alone. There's a specialized person to help with that!

Just like going to your MD for your physical health, a licensed mental health professional can provide valuable tools, resources, process traumas and stressors, and help you stretch and strengthen your mental health muscles and relational systems. 

Life is too short to have unfulfilling relationships with ourselves and our people. Authentic, connected, joyful relationships are possible! Get connected to one of us today.  


is therapy right for me?

What happens during a therapy session?

The most productive therapy is one where there is an authentic, respectful relationship.  Ensuring that you feel connected to and supported to do the work with your therapist. Fit is important, and as such we begin therapy by getting to know each other through an intake session. During this session, the focus is on building comfort with the process, exploring the reasons you are seeking help, and getting acquainted with goals, values and the treatment plan. Together we develop a plan and pathway for you to reach your goals.

We use multiple therapeutic approaches in our office, and we will make recommendations or suggestions based on goals. Therapy provides a safe space to explore stressors, challenge thought patterns, explore relationship dynamics and work through past and current hurts.


A holistic approach to healing offers a broader scope of practice to help meet your specific needs and goals. We extend beyond the standard, and often rigid, medical model and consider the connection between body, mind, emotions and soul. Everyone has the capacity to be a powerful healer for themselves. We are here to support you in your self healing journey.
Check out our holistic healing services - these options can be a great addition to your mental health treatment!

What is a holistic Treatment approach?


The length of time this process takes is based on the individual and family, as well as the presenting needs. You and your counselor or coach will discuss the frequency and timing of sessions to best fit your needs and goals. It is usually advised that we  begin with regular visits to build momentum and regularly evaluate progress, adjusting as needed.

How long does this process take?


Be Well is in network with Health Partners, Cigna, Optum, United Health Care, Medica, UMR, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Preferred One, and Aetna Insurance. We always recommend clients call their insurance provider to ensure that we are in network for their specific policy.

We also strongly believe in providing the care that is needed as determined by YOU, and your therapist, without the limits set by insurance companies. That denotes us as a self-pay provider. As a self-pay client, YOU are empowered as the client to pick YOUR ideal provider. You have choice in the treatment length, the treatment approach right for you, as well as being able to take advantage of non-traditional and more holistic therapies not often covered by insurance. You have the ability to avoid having insurance interfere with your unique needs and goals.

We accept all major credit cards and FSA/HSA cards as forms of payment. Our cost of services ranges from $125 - 150 per session.

Do you accept insurance?


Friends and family are great, and connection is important. But, as mental health professionals, we have some extra things to offer. We can help you achieve wellness in a safe, confidential, structured environment. One that equips you with confidence to learn and use new skills, reflect on unbiased support, empathetic and nonjudgemental listening and open you up to new tools, techniques and solutions. Our job is to support all of the aspects of your health, even the ones that are painful, emotional and vulnerable. 

What's the difference between you and talking with a friend?


Yes! We are currently accepting new clients for virtual and in person sessions. Our in person sessions take place at our office in downtown Stillwater, MN. With the ease of virtual services becoming more well known, we also continue to offer services virtually, known as telehealth. We virtually serve MN and WI for mental health, couples, and family therapy.  Our therapists use a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform to maintain your confidentiality. Telehealth is an efficient, flexible, and safe way to get your mental health or coaching needs met from your own home. 

Do you offer sessions in person?

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