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healing arts

At Be Well, we offer multiple healing arts modalities to target holistic healing across the mind-body-soul & heart.

The human energetic field can become imbalanced or blocked due to various factors such as stress, trauma, or illness. Energy healing works to restore balance and harmony to the body’s energy systems, allowing for healing to occur on all levels.

Things pop up in healing sessions, which is why we cultivate a trauma-informed Reiki practice. We find it is essential for ensuring the greatest level of safety, comfort and restorative healing for our clients.  

Reiki, translated as universal life force energy, is a Japanese system of energy healing officially founded in 1922 in Japan by Dr. Usui for stress reduction and the promotion of healing. This holistic healing uses an attuned practitioner directing light touch and energy to activate the natural and innate healing processes within our body. It promotes relaxation and balance allowing our bodies to slow down, release blockages from our conscious and unconscious physical and emotional body, as well as recalibrate towards alignment, equilibrium and restoration.

Reiki supports every healing  journey, no matter where you are. Inherent in this healing modality is that it fundamentally supports our own ability to heal, and to create joy, peace and resiliency in our lives.

Reiki supports these and many other concerns:

Supporting recovery from illness
Grief and loss
Autoimmune disorders
Chronic pain
Old triggers and patterns
Major life transitions
Healing trauma
Ancestral lineage healing and soul retrieval
Stress management

60 minutes - $100

Usui Shiki Ryoho reiki 

chakra balancing & Somatic-energy healing

This is a non-invasive energy healing practice that involves the use of a supportive "listening" touch to access traumas and blocks in the body.

Through this gentle listening, we work to clear and balance the body’s physical and emotional energy field. It is a heart centered approach used to create calm in your nervous system, and with curiosity release and heal old patterns and ways of being in your mind, body, and soul. 

Incorporating supports that involve sound, visualization techniques, reflexology, and emotional freedom tapping to balance the body’s energy centers, or chakras.

This approach is paired with a personalized crystal grid specific to your
 healing focus in the session. 

60 minutes - $100

"follow the rainbow"

Through focused mindfulness and gentle touch, we check in with each chakra, working to identify stuck energies and clear past traumas or stressors connected to each of the seven main chakras. This works best over a course of several sessions, and is a combination of multiple approaches – brainspotting + gentle bodywork + energy healing.

60 minutes - $100


Additional Services

kelle arend

 Kelle loves to use a holistic approach to address trauma, stress, and pain to help reclaim physical, spiritual, and deep emotional healing. She is influenced by Rosen Method (trained and supervised through Level One) as well as Hakomi Somatic Therapy, Reiki, and energy healing practices.

Kelle uses gentle touch and deep listening to help expand space within to explore and reprocess traumas and stressors. This heart centered approach is used to create calm in the nervous system, and to approach with curiosity old patterns and ways of being in the mind, body, and soul resulting in more vibrancy, groundedness, and a deeper connection to joy, intuition and health.


certificate in energy medicine
usui shiki ryoho reiki master
rosen method (level 1)
hakomi somatic psychotherapy
craniosacral practitioner

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