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Being a parent is hard. I’m one, I get it.

It’s challenging to learn what our children’s essence is, what they mean with the words they say, or what their behavior communicates, the internal struggles and needs that can cause huge dysregulation in our days.

Understanding our children means that we also need to know ourselves - our values, triggers, beliefs, anxieties and joys. Parenting is hard because it holds the mirror up to our own insecurities and internal struggles, all the while having to hold our children’s too. It can be a lot.

But it doesn’t need to be so overwhelming. There is a way to create more connection, shared joy, mutual respect and authenticity in the relationships we have with our kids. Our kids will do good, because they feel good and are at peace with us.

parent coaching

For years the parenting paradigm has always been one of a hierarchical approach – top-down positions of power over. It creates environments of shame, insecurity, anger, resentment, anxiety and conflict with self and others, as well as the dreaded power struggle. It often manifests ongoing struggles in our children’s self-concept, as well as how they view the world, and the beliefs they have around others.

Thanks to neuroscience we now know that this type of model not only goes against the ways our brains were designed, but also is at complete odds with how we innately are driven towards others, and against the very real needs we have as humans to connect and have purpose.

Parenting works much better when it’s addressed through a circular model. One that has flexibility and fluidity and can ebb and flow as the environment and circumstances change. It creates a cycle of connection, mutual respect for self and others, presence, relationship, morality, and diligence. This relationship is power with – one that creates a both/and approach. Both structure and boundaries, and connection, compassion, respect and learning.

This approach is highly relational, based in neuroscience and tailored to YOUR family. Our kids are not one-size-fits-all, prepackaged and prefabricated models, and therefore neither should our parenting approach. It goes beyond the typical ‘techniques, tools or strategies’, and digs into the ‘why’ around what we’re seeing and the reasons for why this model works.

The beauty of the circular model is it is not only focused on the short-term behavioral fixes we are often looking for, it also creates the pathway for our children to develop into all the ideal qualities we want for them. Compassionate for self and others, hardworking, authentic and respectful, loyal and secure. When we use the circular and peaceful approach with them, they internalize it as the model for how they relate to themselves and becomes the foundation of the rest of their relational lives.

Coaching for:

* CONSULtation of next steps and access to resources
* advocating for your child
* increased positive relationship
* parenting resources, tools, strategies, personalized plan for your child
* psychoeducation
* Sibling relationships
* Co-Parenting
* Blended families
* impending separation/divorce prep
* life transitions

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