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What is Mind Body Soul Coaching?

Mind Body Soul Coaching expands beyond our thoughts and mindset, and helps you tap into the wisdom of your own soul. Coaching helps you to take a journey inward, into your own heart, to learn about your spiritual self, strengthen your intuition, connect to your body, and allow your truest self to shine. Our souls are always giving us guidance, but sometimes we need support in creating a sacred space to hear the message. To live in alignment with our soul’s missions and values, we need to reduce the mental and emotional noise and feel connected and grounded in our body. Together we identify current blocks to living in alignment with your purpose, and focus on helping you embody your highest and truest expression of self.

Mind body soul coaching

Welcome, extraordinary soul! 

Hi there, I’m Leah. Along with being a mental health counselor, I am a spirit junkie hoping to share my passion for living in alignment with our mind, body and soul with you. 

Assess your soul’s missions and values
Learn strategies to quiet the mental and emotional noise
Heal inner child wounds
Practice living in alignment with your soul while embodying the human experience
Identify and work on clearing blocks to your full potential
Learn how to hear messages and nudging from your soul and spirit
Feel more connected to your body and emotions
Strengthen your intuition

Coaching can help you to: 

Coaching sessions offered in person in Stillwater, MN or virtually. I am looking forward to meeting you, and supporting you in growing your relationship with your mind, body, and soul.  

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