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I am so happy you’re here! I’m Javin (Jay-vin), a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mental health therapist, and training to be a sex therapist. I enjoy partnering with individuals and/or couples to help them connect with themselves and others through integrational, strength-based, and collaborative approaches in ways that are meaningful for them, at their pace, and following their lead in where they’d like to go. Pretty vague, right? I know it is, but it is a position I like to settle into with purpose.

Therapy for Individuals and Couples 

Whether I am working with individuals or couples, I approach the work from a place of curiosity and compassion in effort to hold space for the things you are wanting to work on while encouraging you to go further and deeper. Within the non-judgement space, I may ask questions or give you other things to think about, which might be uncomfortable from time-to-time. I mention this now because healing work can be uncomfortable, and I view my role as a partner in your journey. While the work may sometimes be challenging, liberating, painful, empowering, or bring up unexpected things, I believe the work is valuable and important. It is with this frame that I engage individuals or couples to work on the presenting issues as well as other areas that may be directly or indirectly impacted. Some areas of work may include gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, trauma, relationship conflicts/decisions, communication barriers, sex and sexuality concerns (see below for more information), other relationships concerns, anxiety, and many others.

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

One of the many populations that is near and dear to my heart is the LGBTQIA+ community. As a member of this community, I recognize that there are so many additional nuances and factors that contribute to the quality of care that must also be recognized and processed, regardless of where you are on your personal journey. Maybe you are in place of exploration around your own gender identity or orientation, ready to share your authentic self with the world but anxious about the process, perhaps evaluating if a particular relationship is right for you, navigating parenting, or a mix of any, all and more. Either way, this work is important, valuable and you deserve to be fully embraced and welcomed for who you are and where you are.

Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Throughout my professional career and working with different populations, I noticed threads of humanity related to sex and sexuality, an integral part of our existence and how we interact with the world around us. I also realized that this is an area that often goes without acknowledgement or exploration, many times because of discomfort with the topic from providers or shame experienced by the person receiving services. With this realization and desire to support my clients in more meaningful ways, I decided to pursue my PhD in Clinical Sexology. Sex and sexuality are important, valid, and essential parts of our lives. I believe sex and sexuality should be normalized, explored, and celebrated with the intricacies that show up in unique ways. As an important part of the human experience, other life stressors or transitions may impact our sexual health and vice versa. I do this work from a sex positive and affirmative place. My goal is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. No matter where you are on your journey as an individual or as a couple, there is no better place to start than where you are. Some of my specialized areas of interest around sexuality include bringing joy to sex and sexuality, exploration of sexuality and gender identities, helping parents talk to their children about sexuality, low or mismatched desire, sexual anxiety/shame, partner betrayal, compulsive and out-of-control sexual behavior, diverse relationship structures (ethical non-monogamy, open marriage, etc.), BDSM/kink, sexual trauma, and more. Through this work, I hold a safe, affirming, compassionate and non-judgmental space where all are welcomed and celebrated as they are.

Let’s Get Started

I could go on and on about my perspectives and additional things I bring to the work, but I would love to hear from you. If you’re ready to get moving, reach out and get an intake session scheduled. It would be my honor to work with you and to be a part of your healing journey to a happier, more confident, connected and empowered you.

Licensed Clinical Social WorkEr / Therapist

Licensed INDEPENDENT Clinical Social Worker (MN, WI) 

Master of Social Work: UW-Madison

PhD in Clinical Sexology Student: Modern Sex Therapy Institutes

- Member of American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)

Qualifications &

Javin@bewellcenter.net     /    561-379-7207      /       Stillwater, MN

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